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Kaj Luukas

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Some kilometres south east of Hamburg there is a special company which, whitin just a few years, has risen from being nobody to the top of the scale in their branch of industry: FELDBINDERSPEZIALFAHRZEUGWERKE GMBH- also known as FFB.

When Otto Feldbinder and Jan-Dirk Beckmann moved from their premises in Hamburg to Winsen/Luhe they had 20 employees with an annual production of approximately 120 units.
Today, FFB employees 900 persons with an annual production rate of 2000 vehicles and a turnover of  
€ 150.000.000


Our experience in the compressor business dated back to 1905 and covers reciprocating, centrifugal, vane and the highly popular rotary screw type. The industrial technical development of reciprocating compressors and turbo machinery compressors led to the development of oil-free rotary screw compressors in Oberhausen in 1954. We later developed oil-injected rotary screw airends in the 1960´s to meet customer and market needs.

Through advancing manufacturing methods and the related cost reduction, we have been able to also produce and market oil-injected rotary screw compressors at competitive prices over the years. Today we offer products ranging from the smallest oil-lubricated designs to the largest oil-free single- and two-stage designs, plus SILU compressors for pneumatic transport, and gas compressors.


Founded in 1984, By Hans-Georg Stetter, Intermix quickly became one of Europe's leading manufacturers of truck mixers.Our headquarters and logistics centre in Heimertingen near Memmingen handle customer service and product delivery to our clients and sales partners.
Intermix products are used world-wide. Our young, highly qualified and motivated team always has the customer in mind. Our technology, service and strategy are based on our clients' needs.

Truck mixers
nominal capacity 3 - 15 m³ semi-trailers, mixers for lift-on/lift-off systems, special mixers for dry mixing, floor-operated mixers, etc. mechanical or fully electronic mixer controlmixer drive: Sauer, Hydromatik, ZFmixer drum and spiral blades in highly wear-resistant special steeloptions: full/half flap, tank for fluidising chemicals, mortar bucket support, hydraulically driven water pump, telescopic chute up to 9 m, etc.